自创业始,公司一直秉承着“以技术立足市场,以服务赢得信赖”的经营理念,一如既往地本着“简便、实用、高效”的研发设计理念,不断设计出功能更加先进、生产效率更高的设备,为客户提供最实用的产品和最好的服务。 我们愿意与客户做长期的、伙伴式的合作,客户的成功就是我们自己的成功,“风雨同舟,双赢合作”将是我公司提供长期技术支持服务的宗旨....

Shenzhen Qin Gen electronic limited is a company specializing in the development and design of manufacturing LCD, LCD module LCM and LCD segment LCD, high-tech enterprises. Company has outstanding technical staff and management of the professional elite, complete LCD processing equipment&products through high&low temperature test, tensile test,vibration test, aging test and anti-jamming function test, in strict accordance with the national standard.
Longterm provision of high quality, low price and short delivery cycle to appropriate services, TN, HTN, STN, and FSTN products with newly developed an edge in the industry.
Products are widely used in: all types of instrumentation, medical devices....
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